[Online] [LFP] [5thEd] [PAID/10€] Crown of the First King (Wednesday, 7pm CET)


The Campaign:

You are a “Bearskin” in a Norse mythology-inspired Campaign: A warrior blessed with the strength to defeat even the most vicious of foes.

Maybe you are members of different tribes, uniting in the hopes to acquire the crown for your people with your combined strength. Maybe you’ve all been part of the same community from the beginning or perhaps your character is only joining this group out of convenience, secretly trying to accomplish their own goals?

You’ll uncover ancient mysteries in a high magic world, encounter dark horrors, hilarious characters, and epic challenges in a game with a balanced mix of combat, exploration, and role-playing.

We’ll shape the story and the world together as we go. Your input matters and will influence the campaign, be it by implementing suitable homebrew ideas or following your characters’ backstories.

Do you like Vikings, Norse Mythology and want to play through an epic Saga? Search no further this game is made for you.

We’ll be using FoundryVTT (free for you) and discord (also free). If you’re interested, send me a private message and tell me a little bit about yourself :^)

(P.S. Free Session 0)

About me:

I’ve been running D&D 5e for 7 years on an almost weekly basis.

I am a French-British man with an American accent and live in France, studying biology and looking to make some extra money on the side doing what I love: running D&D.

This campaign has been a passion project of mine from a solid love for Norse mythology and history.

I’m a very laid-back DM, who wants players to enjoy a grand adventure and test their courage. I always strive to allow all my players to shine their brightest.

Pages of my campaign primer in order are here, here, and here

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