[Online] [L5R 5E] [EST/GMT-5] [PbP] [0/4] [Homebrew] Battle for Okishima

[Online] [L5R 5E] [EST/GMT-5] [PbP] [0/4] [Homebrew] Battle for Okishima

A trembling courtier delivers you a letter; the writing rushed and dotted by rain demands the immediate rally of all clans of Okishima. Spotted beyond the dark crashing waves is a fleet of countless foreign ships. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of warriors must be aboard, and from them echoes an eager chant.

They’ll be here soon.

Battle for Okishima is heavy with homebrew lore. It takes place on an island just off the coast of Rokugan. Foreign invaders (Yodotai) have arrived on the beaches of Okishima. Your characters will wake up on the beach after a brutal battle with the invaders. I’d like to have an introduction that happens on the beach before the invaders arrive, but we’ll see how the party feels. You’ll see similarities between the Mongol invasions, the Shogun novel and Ghost of Tsushima. I intend for this to be more roleplay oriented but with the nature of something like this, it’ll likely be equal parts combat. When I’m busy, I’ll have at least one post a week but will otherwise post as often as I can. This will be a long-term campaign, and I’d like to start on the 20th of February but I’ll likely push the date back if we don’t have at least 3 players.

I run my games low/no magic. I’m more willing to make an exception if your character depends on magic to function (a blind archer communing with the spirits, a tainted warrior who is only alive due to their taint, etc.)

You don’t need to play as one of the homebrew clans of Okishima but they’re definitely an option!

I’ve been busy lately and have that urge to play L5R at the same time. Play-by-posts seem like the best solution and I’d love to give it a go with you! I will do my best to incorporate your characters’ backstories and make it a fun game for everyone.

If this interests you, apply here!