[Online][Foundry VTT][Paid][$20][Campaign][1/5 players][6PM EST][Thursdays][Level 5-12] The Shattered Obelisk

“Come out to Phandalin, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

An ancient evil threatens the beloved settlement of Phandalin, are you and your allies brave enough to try and stop it?

Whether you come from the Sword Coast abroad or have lived in Phandalin all of your life, the settlement has always been known for its struggles in the foothills of the region. Orc raiders, strange discoveries, and life away from major cities have always made for an exciting life.

But now something different looms in the shadows of this poor community - and old dangers once again begin to claw their way out of the darkness…Are you ready to take up sword, shield, and spell to carve your name amongst the many heroes of the realm?

:dragon: Test yourself against a horde of new and exciting monsters! Even the odds with strange magical items! :dragon:

:boom: Discover the town of Phandalin, its citizens, and the surrounding Sword Coast as you seek out the source of a recent uprising of strange and powerful goblins that seek to terrorize it! :boom:

:crossed_swords: Explore ancient locations lost to the histories of the Forgotten Realms and carve your place amongst the ranks of its greatest heroes as you stand in the path of ancient powers that threaten the Material Plane itself! :crossed_swords:

:crystal_ball: Make sense of strange occurrences and phenomena wrought by strange entities from beyond your comprehension! :crystal_ball:

Appreciate your time!
Feel free to contact me through the SPG posting below or Discord at handle 8BitRonin.