[Online][EST][Other][Foundry] Players wanted

Castles & Crusades is a fantasy role-playing game published in 2004 by Troll Lord Games based upon a stripped-down variant of the d20 System by Wizards of the Coast. The game system is designed to emulate the play of earlier editions of the Dungeons & Dragons game while keeping the unified mechanics of the d20 System.

The system has been modified to create a simplified version of the game. The alignment system, attributes, and hit points systems were retained. Most of the core classes and races are similar to those found in Dungeons & Dragons, though with some modifications, and some new classes were added others dropped. The highly intricate system of skills and feats found in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition was discarded, replaced by what the designers call the “Siege Engine”, intended as an extremely easy game mechanic with universal applications.

A free PHB can be found here: Troll Lord Games | Troll Lord Games

Looking to have sessions on Tues’ @ 7:00 pm.

Spots taken: 3 of 5/6(max)

Platform: Foundry

What I am looking for and willing to commit to: Looking for a long term group. When I say long term I mean for the foreseeable future. I am an old-school GM, from the days of when D&D was played at a table with friends and we did every week. If you can not commit to being part of something that is long term and consistent, you need not apply. There will be a questionnaire sent to prospective players, followed by a interview call via Discord. This is the process for everyone interested in order to find the best possible players. If you can not comply to this, you need not apply. This process is done by me to in order to try and prevent the rash of unfinished games you see and hear about from players and GM/DMs(myself included) of online games. Understand what you are getting yourself into before you apply, this is not a video game where you can push the off button when you do not feel like playing anymore. This is a game(as all TTRPGs are) of investment, if it is not important to you to invest your time, you need not apply.

What I am not looking for: Power-gamers, Min/Maxers, anyone not interested in RPing their character, rules lawyers, those who jump in and join games then quit with no word or lame excuses, consistently non-punctual people and anyone not interested in the old school feel of D&D.

My Experience: I have been playing/GMing for the better part of 30+ years.

Description: Game will be run in the default setting of The World of Aihrde. The game will be challenging.