[Online][CST/CDT][Paid game] Looking for players for a variety of campaigns

I am Sean, and I am a DM looking to explore a wide variety of settings and genres with D&D 5e. I’ve been DMing for a little while now, and have dabbled in these other genres a fair bit in the past.

Game System:
D&D 5e

When do you play:
Open from Sunday to Wednesday to discuss options, with potential openings on other days as well.

Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
I tend to run games that are roleplay heavy, but have a fair bit of combat and exploration available as well. I am a fan of roleplay first and foremost, but I can’t ignore the importance D&D puts on combat in the system.
For campaign settings and adventures, I prefer to use my own content since I feel more comfortable improvising for it on the fly. My settings cover high fantasy with elements of arcanepunk and steampunk style, dark fantasy akin to IPs like diablo and bloodborne, sci-fi and science fantasy, and modern or super hero style settings. I have content that I am familiar with and ready to use and share with a group to cover any of these types of settings, as well as established settings ready to drop players into.

Additional Details:
This is a listing for paid games. Campaigns and payments are organized through StartPlaying, so you can follow that link to see my profile there. I use Discord and Foundry VTT for actually running the games. I also make use of safety tools added into my VTT, as well as some to sort out details before a campaign, to ensure that everyone has a good time while playing.
I feel like D&D is best when players have the freedom to build the character they want to build, as that is often the only piece of the game that they have such significant direct control over, so I do my best to allow that freedom in my campaigns. I often include in this freedom the options to create elements of the world to suit the character you’re making.