[Online][5thed][GMT] Tomb of Annihilation. Mondays 17:00-21:00 GMT. Paid. ⅗ Players found

Tomb of Annihilation


:calendar: When do you play: Mondays 5-9pm GMT

:memo: Death reigns.

Word has begun to spread that the Death Curse originates in Chult; a land of Ancient secrets and perilous Jungles. A place where only the most daring of adventurers step foot.

And it is here you find yourselves. As powerful factions from around the world descend on the untamed peninsula, you are among the first to arrive. Will you survive the perils of the Jungle? Will you end the curse for good and all? Or will you fall victim to the schemes and machinations of the gods, and those who make gods?

About the DM I’m a writer, film maker and long time DM, who since the pandemic has made DnD my full time job. It’s an opportunity I’m incredibly thankful for, and one that has allowed me to express myself and build a wonderful network of friends. I’ve spent many hours building a fully decked out foundry server including custom maps, music, automation features, animated spell effects, and countless other immersive quality of life improvements to give you the best possible online experience.

Games are charged at £15 per session.

Tomb of Annihilation is an adventure through and through. Perilous, yes, but also wondrous and wild. We’ll see every side of Chult, from the beautiful to the baneful. From racing dinosaurs to the infamous tomb of horrors. It’s an adventure I hope you’ll join us for.

Till then, happy questing.

Excited to see someone tackling this campaign setting. Even though I am on the west coast of the US, I’m quite keen to possibly join in this endeavour. Living in London for 2 years has altered my mindset to always look for opportunities to game with folks in the GMT zone :).

A couple of quick questions, if I may:
Have you started this campaign yet?
If not, when do you anticipate starting (and if it’s before the end of the year, what accommodations are you making for the holidays)?


Hey bud

Thanks for getting in touch. A couple of the other guys are from the US so you’d be in good company.

In regards to your questions;
The campaign has not started yet. Still waiting on a couple others. Finding people has been a little slow but we’re doing one-shots in the mean time. We’ll work around everyone’s holiday schedules as best we can no doubt we’ll all need some time off so no worries if you’re busy around then.

If you want to talk a little more in depth feel free to hit me up on discord :slight_smile: Dr.Vost#9917

All the best