[Online][5e] [FoundryVTT] [Saturday][Weekly][$20] [Beginners Welcome] [6pm est]

The Fate of the Gods are in your hands an Odyssey of the Dragonlords Adventure. LGBTQ+ Friendly

The Oracle has called upon YOU! to help the world. Only your actions will keep the world from tearing itself apart. You will travel across land and sea. Talking to commoners, merchants, and gods. Yes GODS! They walk across the land like everyone else in this world. The world is named Thylea. It is inspired by the greatest legends from Greek mythology. You will have to persuade or even fight mythic creatures or become one of those creatures yourself. You can be a Nymph, Siren or even a Medusa just to name a few of the new races. With new class archetypes, backgrounds, and epic paths your character will feel as powerful as the Greek stories portray heroes to be.

For additional information:

If you find this is something you would be interested in please PM me through Startplaying and I would love to tell you more.

Slots Available: 4-5 Players Needed

System Used: 5e

VTT Used: Foundry

Session Duration: 3.5-4 hrs

Schedule: Weekly on Saturdays starting at 6 pm est

Requirements: You will need a Free D&D Beyond Account, a Free Forge Account and a Free Discord Account

Starting Level: 3rd level

Session 0: FREE