[Online] [5e] [18+] [TextOnly] [Duet][9:00 AM CST (3:00 PM GMT ) Day TBD] Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt: The Heresy of Steel

Pitch: A campaign set in the Bloodborne inspired world of Steinhardt’s Guide to the Eldritch Hunt.

“ The Age of Flesh is Over, The Reign of Steel Begins “ The cursed city of Luyarnha struggles against a growing horde of Beasts, a deadly plague, and more unknowable horrors. Against this endless onslaught only the Jaegers of the Radiant Church are able to stand defiant in defense of the weak and the innocent. The Jaegers are alchemically enhanced, rent asunder and built anew, living weapons against the horrors of the Eldritch Moons.

You are one such Jaeger, a new recruit soon to become embroiled in a grand conspiracy and eldritch nightmare. Joined by your closest allies and mentors you shall face……the Heresy of Steel.

Name: The Heresy of Steel

System: DnD 5e

Time: 9:00 AM CST ( 3:00 PM GMT ) Day will be negotiated.

Frequency: Weekly

Format: Live Text via Foundry VTT ( Regular sessions played as if with voice, but you text in the chat box instead. )

Players: 1 This is a Duet, a 1 on 1 campaign.

Duration: Campaign estimated to last from levels 1-7

LGBT Friendly!

Recruitment Doc Link: ( contains contact info ).