[Online] [5e] [18+] [TextOnly] [Duet] [9:00 AM CST (3:00 PM GMT ) Day TBD] Concrete Jungle: Star on the Shore

itch: Lackadaisy meets Call of Cthulhu. Sandbox Investigation, Lovecraftian Horror, Animal people.

Setting Guide: ( Contains rules for firearms, Species, new classes, and general information about the campaign. )

The Roaring 20’s, a time of change, of advancement, and decay. The Great War’s scars bleed red while whiskey flows in secret speakeasies while jazz fills the radio waves. For many Americans it’s a time of opportunity and healing, but beneath the glitz and the glow are shadows where unspeakable nameless horrors lurk.

You are a private detective in the city of Arkham, indebted to the wrong kind of people who have called on you for one last job…….

Name: Concrete Jungle: Star on the Shore

System: DnD 5e

Time: 9:00 AM CST ( 3:00 PM GMT ) Day will be negotiated.

Frequency: Weekly

Format: Live Text via Foundry VTT ( Regular sessions played as if with voice, but you text in the chat box instead. )

Players: 1 This is a Duet, a 1 on 1 campaign.

Duration: Mini-Campaign, Length is highly variable due to it’s sandbox nature but spans levels 3-5.

LGBT Friendly!

Recruitment Doc Link: ( contains contact info ).