Old DM, New to PF2E/Remaster, for Beginners like Me - Need [2] of 4 PCs

[LFP] [PF2E] [free] [Campaign] [Level 1] [4 Players] [beginner] [free-to-play] begins no later than [June 16th 2024] [Sunday] [5:00PM CST] [10:00 GMT] [USA] [English] [weekly] [21+] [adult content] [adult humor] [audio] with [Discord] [video] for DM, Player [VDO.Ninja] video optional but encouraged. PF2E [Core| Adv. Players Guide [APG] [Remaster] loaded into [Forge]/[Foundry].

The Land - Welcome to The Land. A simple, fairy-tale place with memorable characters and stunning locations. Begin an amazing journey from parts well known, seriously, not just to this fantastical realm but a gateway to a myriad of adventures in worlds familiar and not so familiar. You and your fellow Players will start here. On planet Earth. As yourselves. Yep. All the Players will have been invited to and will soon meet on the A.E. Newman Yearly Survival & Leadership Training Vacation Prize Giveaway*! Then, an encounter while trekking to your base camp, a wrong choice on the trail or a misspoken word during the idyllic peacefulness and…Well, you’ll see. Soon the Party is somehow drawing swords(?) and preparing spells(?!), possibly in different humanoid forms and/or in unknown (not real?) languages. It’s a classic fish-out-of-water, Good vs. Evil story with a lot more Good vs. Evil stories nestled inside. What can you pack for a vacation like this?

Grab your gear, wink-wink-nod-nod, and don’t forget your sense of humor.

This game is free. This Campaign is for 4 adult, fun loving and mature Players with some basic RPG experience and have access to the physical Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook. There is a reason for that. :slight_smile: Use of Foundry: I’ve been using Foundry since the Fall of 2023 and have used Roll20 since 2014. I’m comfortable with Foundry; love it actually. DM/GM experience: Feb-Apr 2024 ran PF2e Remaster rules on The Forge; previously D&D 5e, PF1st, Vampire: The Masquerade. Warhammer RPG, Twilight 2000, AD&D 1st & 2nd and Red Box (1981, 13 yrs. old). I generally run a 50/50 Combat/RP style. Audio is Discord and VDO.Ninja for video if you so choose (it’s free, no installation, easy and secure). I encourage video because, face it, who doesn’t talk and not use their hands and make facial expressions? It’s Okay if you choose not to but I think it will make your game and everyone else’s game much more fun if you do. My Sessions usually run 4 hours but may extend to 5 if the whole Party wishes to. I’m located in the Midwest.
If you are interested so far and can keep up with a weekly game, please Reply with:

  • Your Discord handle and your name or what people call you by at a family picnic.
  • Your age.
  • RPG experience.
  • Do you have the PF2E Core Rulebook?
  • Character concept in 3 sentences. Forget that you are starting as a 0-Level Human on Earth. If a crazy transformation has to happen, what kind of Character sounds fun on this journey? Use only the PF2E Core Rulebook & PF2E APG Ancestry and Class capabilities.
  • Favorite Fantasy Style/Level: Low, Medium, High. Maybe it’s a mix. Give an example if need be. Each of these settings can occur in different locations in The Land.
  • What do people really call you at the Family Picnic?
  • Favorite fantasy novel.
  • Will you be using video?
  • What is one item you know you would take on a camping trip. Doesn’t matter what it is. Could be personal or ridiculous. Really.
  • Fill in the blank: “We got Spanish beer nuts and we got fresh deer nuts. The Spanish nuts are $1.25 and deer nuts are under a ______ .”
  • Additional questions like “Do I need a mic?” Yes., “Do I use Pronouns?” No., etc.

Afterwards, Replies not selected as Players will receive a message thanking each person and to please keep me in mind for later or additional games.

Each selected Player will receive an Invite from the DM Randall’s The Land Discord server and there the game invite. Also,each of you will be asked for a little more input for me, The DM, and a special bonus question that might result in a new magical item each for yourself or the Party.

Looking forward to the Replies and thanks for reading this LFP

dm_randall creator The Land