Odyssey of the Dragonlords, a level 1-20 mythical campaign

A mythic land full of adventure and danger awaits…
For many ages, Thylea was a wilderness of centaurs, satyrs, cyclopes, and other creatures who worshipped their native gods, the Titans. Mortals who came to Thylea lived in small, defenseless tribes—until the arrival of the Dragonlords.

The Dragonlords were an order of heroic, dragon-riding mortals who came to Thylea five centuries ago. They initiated the First War against the Titans and defeated their armies. Most of the Dragonlords and their dragons were killed during this conflict.

When all seemed lost, the mortals of Thylea were saved by the sudden appearance of the Five Gods, who walked the land in mortal guise. They forced the Titans into a temporary truce, called the Oath of Peace.

The Oath of Peace has prevented open warfare with the Titans for five hundred years. But now, the truce is ending. The power of the Five Gods wanes, and the Titans prepare to wage war upon mortals once again.

You, the heroes, are chosen by the Oracle to confront the ancient Titans and end the conflict once and for all. This requires you to fulfill the Oracle’s prophecy and rebuild the ancient order of the Dragonlords.

Thylea is a fantasy setting styled after mythical Greece. Titans and gods walk the land, minotaurs roam mazes, and heroes sail into uncharted waters to claim their glory. Choose from any of the core races or the Thylean natives: minotaur, centaur, satyr, siren, nymph, or cursed medusa. Choose from mythical subclasses like the Amazonian Ranger, Herculean Barbarian, or Warlock of the Fates and many more. Finally, choose the epic path your character will walk during the campaign; is your character the Doomed One? Fated to die like Achilles, or are you the Dragonslayer like Perseus? Perhaps you are the Cursed One, forced to go through life cursed by the gods for something your ancestors did? Each epic path is specific to a character and has in-game rewards and treasure for completing milestones during the campaign.

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