Object Event keeps popping up when I try to upload a Webm animated token

So I uploaded a webm animated token to my forge via the asset library because the tokenizer was just not loading it in. I thought this was weird, but I’ve had issues with animated tokens before and this was the workaround. However, when I go to upload this, it keeps telling me [object Event]. How do I fix this?

I believe that’s a bug in Tokenizer. I remember seeing/reporting it something like a year ago. Surprised it still hasn’t been fixed.
If you disable the tokenizer module, do you still have the same issue ?

When I disabled the tokenizer module, it won’t let me upload a webm as a token.

Yeah I basically had to disable tokenizer in order to get it working. Thank you!

There shouldn’t be any reason to prevent it. You wouldn’t be able to upload a webm as a character sheet avatar (since it only accepts images) but you should be able to do it for tokens (as those accept images and videos).
Tokenizer would not be able to affect it since the ability to set the token image to webm is a server side check.