No login screen

I am just about to stop using/playing on Foundry! Seems like a few games I signed up for on STARTPLAYING and on Discord I had to drop. The reason being is that when I click on links to join games I just get a background of the game and NO login option. This only happens on a few games. Could it be that some GMs are using a different version of foundry then the free one we players are offered? I tried changing firewall and various privacy settings to no avail. Spent last 7 hours on this hair pulling event! :sneezing_face:

I am using Chrome, latest version and cache cleared.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues.
It might be easier to help diagnose the issue if you jump on the Forge discord page, but I will try and offer some suggestions here:
Firstly, there is no different Foundry version that players get on the free tier verses the paid tiers.
The version that your GM uses will be the one tied to the game that you are invited to.

Some GM’s may have the Game Manager turned on, (which is a function of the higher tiers) that allows you to skip the login screen and go straight into the game. So it depends on what you are actually seeing, if its the background of the login screen or the active scene in the world.

I am sure we can get it sorted for you, hopefully without requiring any more hair loss :slight_smile:

Make sure you have hardware acceleration turned on in your browser.
Have you tried a different browser, and check that you dont have any extensions turned on in Chrome, there have been a few reports in the past of some causing conflicts. Also some antivirus software has caused the odd issue.

If you can jump on the discord and paste some screen captures that would be handy and if I cant help, some of the more technically inclined users/staff/mods will be able to.

Edit: Link to Forge Discord