No logging in - "The provided item type must be in the array of types defined by the game system"

I updated Foundry to 0.8.9, and all my systems (Pathfinder 2e) and modules to the newest versions.

When I try to access my server, the background of the login screen loads, but nothing else - I can’t log in. Tried with Chrome and Firefox.

When I restart the server and try to start my selected campaign from the login screen, I get the error message: “The provided item type must be in the array of types defined by the game system”. If I try to login after that, I do get to the (empty as described) login screen.

It randomly seems to work after a couple restarts / reloads, but only temporarily.

As always, I would recommend making a backup of your world before continuing anything else.
In this situation I would love to see your console (f12), could you make a screenshot? We’re looking for the red errors.

This seems like a Foundry issue, but we’ll try to help you the best we can. I am sure Foundry’s Discord would gladly help you out, if you post in the #PF2 chat too.

As the last option, you can always turn back to your previous version, and update your modules/systems to that version again through the bazaar.

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There is an issue in Foundry 0.8.9 that affects pf2 games in the way you described and breaks the world entirely. We’ve reported the issue to the Foundry team and hope to see a fix for it soon.
There are two solutions at this time :
1 - stay on 0.8.8
2 - export the world, delete the data/items.db file (which will delete all the items you see in your items sidebar), then re-import the world.

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After chatting with the guys in the discord, I took your advice and deleted the items folder. That seems to have done the trick! I can now re-enter the world from the launch screen, and there are no more red errors while loading my world. Thank you both for the troubleshooting!