No game system available to finish setting up world

When I try to create a world I am not able to because of the image below. i am trying to setup dnd5e but I can’t get any further than this. what should I do to be able to use a game system?

this pic illustrates the issue and didn’t upload last time

i figured it out, all the game modules are here, but none of the current documentation tells you where they are. i added it in the wiki as well.

Hi @rickycodie, welcome to The Forge and to Foundry VTT.

Foundry doesn’t come with any game system or module by default, so it’s up to the user to install the systems they need or want to use.
You can see the list of official and community-developed systems here :

Each one has a ‘manifest link’ which ends with system.json, you need to go to the ‘Systems’ tab in the Foundry page and click the ‘Install’ button and paste that link there to get it installed.
The same applies to the community modules, which you can find here :

We are still working on getting The Forge up and running and tutorial videos are being worked on which I hope will help get through that first user barrier. I am also currently working on a systems and modules installer within The Forge itself so that new users would have their games pre-loaded with the most used systems and modules for ease of use.