Newb issue: "Floating dots" with users' names on tabletop

Hi. Sorry if this has been asked to death. I’m sure it’s something I’m overlooking (both in the documentation and in the platform itself.)

The basic issue first: Some of my players are appearing as “floating dots” on the tabletop, and they may also (not 100% sure) be able to adjust my view of the tabletop.

Longer version: I’m running a Star Trek Adventures game on Foundry, using (so far) just the basic module for that game. I’m using Forge as the host/front-end. My players all have accounts; they can all see the tabletop. The “players” tab in the lower left-hand corner of the screen has everyone’s (I believe) Forge accounts. I’ve linked those names to actors in Foundry. I’ve also linked “Forge players” to “Foundry Users” in the “Configure Players” layer in Forge using the “Custom User Assignments” option. The problem’s gotten somewhat better over the weeks–now I only have a few dots floating around–but I’m still not sure what I’m overlooking or failing to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a couple of screenshots too if that would clarify. Essentially what I’m seeing are “dots” with users’ names zipping randomly around the screen.


floating dots with names? On my VTT that just indicates the players cursor position on the map normally only visible by the gm, helpful so they can indicate what they are pointing out/talking about


jpat - Welcome to Foundry and the Forge.

danielb is correct. That will be your players cursors, and they can potentially see your cursor (which you may or may not prefer - they might be able to guess where that secret room is).
You can turn that setting on/off in the “Configure Settings” - > Open Player Configuration → scroll down to Display Mouse cursor

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