New update causing chaos

I did the update a few days ago, and now everything seems to be working incorrectly.
I can’t drop player tokens on any maps, and half of my maps are giving errors like “canvas drawing failed, cannot read properties of null”.
I’ve even deleted and completely redesigned some maps, and they work until I navigate away from them, then they break again.
I’ve reloaded the application, I’ve toggled different mods on and off. Nothing is working.

Any advice is appreciated.

A couple of things I suggest. Firstly, make sure that your system is updated to v10 and to make sure you have the latest version of that system.
Then check that all modules you are running are updated (and also suited to v10).
Finally try cloning your world and running in safe mode (which turns off all modules) and see if the issue still happens, as it is most likely a module causing conflict.

If that still doesnt fix the issue, then check the console for any errors (press f12). If there are errors, paste them here (or on the Forge discord) and we will be able to do some more trouble shooting with you.

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