New to DnD or a dungeon expert, Mythic Guilds is looking for DMs and adventurers to join them at the tavern!

Greetings, fellow adventurer! :milky_way:

Step into the Mythic Guilds Tavern β€”a bustling gathering spot for heroes of all kinds, where tales of grandeur and valor are exchanged beside crackling hearths. Our fellowship of like-minded champions is ever-expanding, with new patrons gracing our mystical abode each day.

:studio_microphone: Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Currently, a riveting campaign weaves through the air, captivating the hearts of many, with its echoes being streamed live every fortnight for all to revel in its glory and suspense!

:earth_africa: Seeking Comrades-in-Arms?
The tavern’s mystical ambiance unites adventurers from every corner of the realm, providing a golden opportunity to forge alliances with companions residing in your very timezone!

:shield: Veteran or Novice, All Are Welcome!
Whether you wield the seasoned experience of a grizzled veteran or embody the spirited enthusiasm of a green recruit eager for adventure, Mythic Guilds Tavern extends its welcoming arms to all.

:beers: Just Here for the Tales?
Perchance you merely wish to recline with a frothy mug of ale, absorbing the electrifying atmosphere and engaging in merry banter about the art of DnD? Your seat at the bar awaits!

:link: Join the Fray!
Embark on a thrilling odyssey with us; the portal to adventure awaits: Mythic Guilds

Ready your gear, steady your heart, and step forth; the saga unfolds with your arrival! :star2::door::game_die: