New Players welcome: Strahd campaign 5e, animated maps!

Hello! I’m a DM looking for players to join my Curse of Strahd campaign. I utilize the Beneos animated map pack to bring a mega immersive experience for my players! The map is fully interactive, allowing you to see the entire map of Barovia, with interactive map tokens to fully travel wherever you please. You can see it for yourself here: Beneos Battlemaps FoundryVTT Showcase - YouTube

I’m hoping for players who can consistently be at each session, weekly, for minimum 3 hour sessions, maybe a little longer. I would prefer to run the session on wednesdays, at 5pm central time. But session times are negotiable! Basically if you’re interested in playing a top of the line graphical map experience, and having a go against D&D’s most famous vampire lord, then please let me know!

-A good amount of this campaign is home-brewed, so if you’re already familiar with CoS, things may not go the way the book says.

-I run this campaign with actual consequences to your actions. This could and usually does include Player Characters dying. This campaign is for those who love the story more than they love their characters. If your character dies from testing the wrong enemy, or clumsily falling off a cliff, laugh about it and try out one of your many other great ideas!

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Hey I’m interested in the campaign is there any way i can contact you?

Yes, you can message me on discord! Silvacron#3398

Are you still looking for people? Discord is blocking message, starting you only except them from friends.

I am also interested if this is still open for players? got a few questions.

Am interested, if you are still looking for players.

Looking to join my first game on Forge. familiar with 5e. not too attached to my PCs.

Still Have room? am interested in joining