New game for new Players

Hello all I’m starting a new Thursday night game. Looking for a few more players. We will play every Thursday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. This is a PF2E campaign using my homebrew world. Nothing has changed except the setting i still use rules as written. When it come to the campaign i want to keep it short and sweet so ill, I’m going to say is Winter apocalypse. Or at least it will be if you don’t stop it. I’ve already played session One and we want more players. MSG me if interested.

Hello dragonbane_jbp ! My name is Randall and I’ve been a TTRP DM since 1982 and VTTRPGr since 2014 (Roll20 w/PF1E, DnD5e). After taking a couple of years off due to IRL stuff, in 2023 I bought PF2E Core, HeroLab Online (w/PF2E Core GM+Player), Foundry VTT and this subsc. to The Forge. In essence, I’m starting out brand new since Foundry is so much more than Roll20 and Paizo revamped PF2E into almost a new (better) system IMO. My goal is to become a fluent PF2E Player in Foundry before hosting my own games again. I’m in the CST so the game time is great.
If having a quasi-noob Player with a lot of rpg experience will work in your Group I’d be thankful to join.