New and trying to figure out where a bonus is coming from

I’m playing a pathfinder game, using the pf1.actorsheetpfcharacter sheet.

There’s an extraneous +2 hit and +2 damage appearing on my sheet that I can’t chase down.

When I look at my stats, I see the following, and i think one of these may be at issue:

attributes.attack.shared 2
attributes.attack.general 2

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’ll poke some pf1 players for insight here, but maybe posting a screenshot of your character sheet would help.

Ugh Of course. Will do.

Hello. I have reached out to the PF1e channel on the Foundry Discord, and found the following suggestion:

Quoting from the message:

This can attempt to display where the numbers are coming from:

And this can attempt to fix them:

If either of these help you, please let us know so others can reference this post in the future.

Kindest Regards,
Forge Support

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Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate this community a whole lot.