New 5E Game [FREE] [5E]

Hail Adventurers,

I am starting a fresh Foundry 5th Edition game that already has two players ready to go. I’d like to get this group up to 4-5 players if possible.

I plan to play weekly or bi-weekly, and allow anything on D&D Beyond within reason for your character. All characters will begin at level 1, but we’ll be playing on a pretty fast track, with lots of roleplay, puzzles, and combat.

We will start with a short adventure, and then convert to a longer module or a homebrew campaign based on how the group is feeling.

Please reply or DM me for more information or if you would like to join.


What time would these games be?

I’m interested timezone CST work nights.

What days and times were you thinking? depending on those i may be interested

Seems like something that would be good for me. Let me know if you can fit me in.

Hello! Is there still a slot available?

Hello. I’m still new to TTRPG and looking to join a campaign. I was wondering if this is still available?

Would be interested in joining this as well so long as it doesn’t conflict with schedule.

Hello, I’m new to The Forge but want to try playing online. How do I get started with you?

im new but im interested in possibly joining if you still have slots open let me know

Apologies for not updating this sooner. We are full with five players. Thank you for your interest.

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