Need to edit the HTML/CSS for my Join Screen

So I’ve added background images for my games (via the Edit World menu) but when I Launch World / my players and I go to the actual Foundry game login screen, the background image is always stretched, cut off, and generally looks like crap. I’ve tried adjusting the resolution, adding padding within the images, but no improvement.

How can I edit the formatting of my game login screens? HTML, CSS, or whatever so that I can control where the image is displayed on-screen in relation to other things. Being able to add some more features like all those fancy start screens I see posted would be cool but at least let me have an image that doesn’t look terrible.

Foundry has never allowed editing of the css/html of the login screen for security reasons. It’s also why they never allowed us to have modules that could run in the login page or setup page.

While I know that some people do that on reddit, they are doing it by editing the core software files, which is not something that can be done on the Forge because everyone is sharing the same Foundry installation files.
It is generally advised not to do that as well, (especially if javascript code is involved and the user copy/pasting the changes doesn’t understand what they are doing), as a malicious person could post their changes to the login page and use that to capture user’s passwords for example.
As for the background image looking like crap, there’s not much that could be done other than uploading a banner image that would fit a 1080p screen size and by being of the right size, there’s less risk of it being stretched in any way, though that may not always fit depending on the screen resolution of each player.
As others suggested on reddit (I assume this is you)), it’s better to have a landing page than trying to edit the join screen which most people don’t spend any time on.
I hope that helps.

Bummer. Well, guess I’ll just use the default background and put the image in the HTML box where I can kinda sorta format it.