Need help with Patreon modules

I am having trouble installing patreon content from the Bazaar, specifically Cze and Peku content. I am a patron of theirs and have linked my Patreon account to my Forge account and yet it still says I have to pay for their maps. Is this a mistake or is this how it is meant to be?

I am also trying to add it to my foundry account to export the modules over, but it doesn’t seem to show up when I press Export Modules and Compendiums

This is not a mistake, Cze and Peku has not released their content as patreon content. They have put it out for sale.
The content they have released on the Forge is content you would have to buy.

For the export of the modules, if they are form the bazaar, you should be able to find the modules at your “Content purchases:”. It should include a download link like this:

As Kevin stated, the packages from Cze and Peku are only for purchase and the authenticity of your patreon subscription isn’t tied to them.

You would have to download the assets/modules/whatnot from Patreon and upload manually to The Forge to have them in your worlds.

Can you describe what you want to show up in the export tool? That will only show modules you created or installed from the bazaar if they’re not purchasable modules.
For items you’ve purchased from the bazaar and where the creators have allowed them to be downloaded directly (exported basically), Kevin’s explanation covers it.