Need help with Moulinette

I have been trying to get this to work since yesterday, and today. I can’t find any videos or get help from other discord groups about this issue I got. I have bought 19 packs from the bazaar, and I downloaded them, then put the zip file back into my assets under moulinette/sounds/custom but when I relaunch foundry and press the index sounds, nothing happens, I’ve been waiting hours and still nothing has changed what am I doing wrong.

If they are assets packs bought from the Bazaar, you can just Enable the asset pack, and Moulinette will find them when you re-index, you wouldn’t even need to re-upload them under your custom folder.
I think in this case, it’s actually a module which moulinette wouldn’t auto-index, so check your moulinette settings to make sure you’re using the correct folder for custom sounds.
I also think that moulinette has different modules for each type of asset, so make sure you have one that supports indexing of music files.
Apart from that, I’m not sure, might be worth asking the moulinette developer.