Need help getting Web GL 2

I am using an old laptop and was told I don’t have Web GL version 2. Which forge needs in order to run? I can’t see visuals.

How do I remedy this issue? For reference HP hasn’t created a new driver for my laptop since 2006. So I can not update my driver to any current ones. As current ones don’t exist.

You can check the status of WebGL support from WebGL Report
If you use Chrome, it will have a software-based WebGL that emulates a GPU if it’s unable to access the GPU for example, so it should always work in theory. If it does that though you’ll notice it being laggy and slower than it would on a more recent machine, but in your case, it sounds like that’d be the acceptable choice.
One thing to be wary of is the “Max Texture size” value in the WebGL report, it’s likely 8096x8096, so make sure your GM doesn’t put any maps that has over 8096 pixels in either dimension, otherwise it won’t be able to load it.
I hope that helps.