Nearly All Assets Became Unlinked/Broken

What the actual hell.

I’m two hours from my session starting and I’ve been working for two hours prior, I was in the middle of building an NPC statblock when suddenly I noticed some of the NPC token thumbnails were broken links. When I went back to my landing page, the entire background didn’t load just the top layer assets and tokens.

I closed and restarted my server and double checked, the Landing Page has come back but now other things are broken. What is happening? Is this instability from Forge, nothing I did in the last few hours would cause this much damage to my game.

A lot of sites across the internet are experiencing outages right now - reading the console it seems there is an issue with fulfilling load requests of images. Happening in one of our games currently.

This seems like the case, but definitely gave me unneeded stress when I can only play twice a week and we had to cancel last week. I don’t need this instability ruining our recording and our session.

A lot of the individual scenes appear to be loading properly now, but it definitely looked like a salvage nightmare for a moment. I hope this isn’t too frequent, I’ve been using Forge for well over a year now and haven’t seen something like this occur to this extreme.