Neanderthal seeks game WFRP

Hi Names Davo

:crossed_swords: **War Hammer Fantasy RP **

:spiral_calendar: I am +10:00AEST East Coast Australia
Fridays Biweekly at 3 PM - 9PM AEST [GMT+10] Sundays Biweekly at 12 AM - 11PM AEST [GMT+10]
Weekdays Biweekly at 11 AM - 11PM AEST [GMT+10]

:question: Been playing since high school 31/2 decades ago. Been on VTTs since 2014. Recently jumped from Roll20 to Foundry. GM 3 games of my own AS&SHx2 and Mystarax1 all OSE
What is your preferred playstyle? I do enjoy long haul epic campaigns.