Mystery Island Survival [Online] [5thEd] [Campaign] [$20/Session] [Roll20] [Discord] [Campaign] [Weekly] [Fridays 7pm EDT] [18+]

Ahoy me hearties! After boarding a ship by the name of the S.S Tortoise, a storm wreaks havoc and pulls you beneath the waves, but by some miracle you manage to survive. Washing ashore on a seemingly abandoned island you must now work with the other survivors to escape, but as you explore the islands you get the feeling you might not actually be alone…

If a survival based adventure sprinkled with mysteries sounds like your cup of tea, here is the link to the game for more info.

Session 0 will be on August 18.

Finally, all are welcome to play! The only thing I ask of my players is they treat each other with respect and have fun!