My players are seeing a white screen - I think it might be a lighting issue?

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I’ve been using the Forge for approx 5 sessions now with Beneos’ Battlemaps. My first two sessions I had great success with it - my players could see both the battle maps and the exterior scenes that are included in the packs. Last session, my players (2 players on 2 different screens) stopped being able to see anything that I was putting on the screen, either seeing only white or only black when I activated different frames.

Tonight’s session was the same problem, even after I had deleted all the assets and re-uploaded them with Moulinette. However, I figured out that whenever I used the “Transition to Nightime” lighting option, they could see the scene before it went very dark and nearly unseeable. When I “Transition to Daytime,” they could again see the scene as it got brighter before it when completely white and they couldn’t see anything.

Is it a contrast issue? A lighting setting? I’ve not played with any settings that I’m aware of. I’m very new to this software and kind of stumped, but I really want to keep using Beneos’ Battlemaps!

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This sounds like it might be related to a Discord post on our support channel.

Quoting here for posterity, original poster is ZerthofGith

There has been a recent change to MacOS that creates a hardware bug on MacBooks with Intel GPUs that are typically older than about eight or nine years. It impacts all browsers outside of the one that Apple writes. The temporary work around while the Foundry programmers try and figure out a fix is to ensure that there is a light with a coloration that isn’t the default black color within view of the token. The easiest way to do that is to make a 1ft light with a dim intensity and luminance, but a yellow or orange color on the player’s token.

Considering that you said the issue appeared at nighttime, it’s possible that it’s related to the above, especially if the users who experienced this are Mac users.

Try adding a 1ft light with dim intensity and luminance, colored yellow or orange, on the player’s token as a workaround until this can be fixed in the core software.

Hope that helps!