My Game Will not load

I have been using Foundry on Forge fine for several months now…even using it to host a game while I was on vacation. Today I logged in and added a custom monster. I got up to get some food, and when I came back I was kicked out to the my foundry screen. I was unable to get into my game after that. Just got a grey screen as if it was getting stuck loading in. After that I had trouble getting to the setup screen, so I used the my foundry screen to uninstall a bunch of modules I wasn’t using anymore. Now I cannot get to even the setup screen anymore. I just load forever. Is there any way to grab logs or error files from the hosted server? I have no idea what is going wrong with my game but I’m currently locked out. I have a lot of work and game progerss in here and do not want to lose it :frowning:

Don’t worry about losing your data, I doubt that could happen (and we have our own backups if necessary).
I would have guessed that your issue is caused by a module and suggested the safe configuration troubleshooting step, but if you’re not even able to access the setup page, something else is wrong here, and I think it’s likely to be that your browser has a process stuck. I’d recommend you restart chrome and see if that resolves.
Note that you can access your Foundry logs from and

Note that if you need more immediate help, I recommend joining our Discord for live chat with our support.

I hope this helps, let us know if it did!