My foundry, asset library and bazaar are not working

The forge web uses CDN but is currently not working (keep returning 301 redirect over the same location), without jquery library my foundry, asset library and bazaar are not working.

One solution could be upload a version of jquery to forge site instead of as CDN or use another CDN.

You’re the 3rd person to report this issue since yesterday, but it’s only affecting specific people because of possibly their own ISP having issues because those same people were not having the problem when using their mobile connection. One user today even reported that it worked on a different computer but still within the same network, so it was maybe a chrome extension that was causing the problem, we’re not sure.

I’ve switched it now to using a different CDN though as I suspect that maybe the problem is with one of the CDN servers, hopefully that fixes the problem once and for all for everyone.

Thanks, sorry for the duplicate report I didn’t find the other post :frowning_face:

On twitter find one saying that 2 ISP worked fine but the other one don’t, so looks like that.

no need to apologize. The other 2 reports from through Discord, not in the forums.
Don’t hesitate to post if there’s anything else :+1: