My Forge Game Keeps Crashing

My game is running very slow and keeps crashing. I don’t know how to fix it please help!

There are several factors. The first most common is conflict modules, suggested fix below.

The second is image size or too large of battle map screens. Starting down sizing all of your assets file size. Use WEP files instead of PNG. They are substantially smaller. Keep your scene sizes reasonable no more than 100x100 squares based on a 70dpi grid size. More scenes is faster than 1 colossal map. Save scene backgrounds as JPG files with a the lowest quality settings that it can without looking unacceptable. Remember, high resolution maps are useless if they don’t load quickly.

The third, and the most frustrating, turn off all the lighting effects. As nice as the look, the are huge bandwidth hogs and can slow down games substantially.

Fourth, if you have been running the campaign for a long time consider creating a new world for each “chapter” rather than one colossal world that contains old assets that will not be used.

Fifth, make a practice of using the delete chat log feature. These fill up storage and rob bandwidth.

Sixth, is it your game or is it your or your players ISP or computer? Foundry as noted in the section on light can be a massive bandwidth hog if the world isn’t built efficiently.

Seventh, reduce token and tile count on your scene. Consider making swarm/group npcs instead of 100 goblins. Incorporate tiles as part of the JPG background image if the tile will never need to move or be removed. Delete dead/ unused tokens from the scene if they are not part of the story to reduce scene bandwidth.

Lastly, it may be time to update to the latest stable Foundry system which again will force you to delete outdated mods.

Tackeling the Mod Issue
Mods are great but out of date mods can TPK user experience.

Turn of all your mods and restart your sever. It is likely a mod issue. If the world is running good start turning mods on one-by-one and refreshing the game. Ironically, there is a mod to assist with this, but I used it and found it just as simple to do it manually without adding another mod to manage.

Good luck.