Multiple versions of 0.8.8 listed?

Which version of 0.8.8 is the latest one (patch 1, per Foundry VTT’s site)? From the Foundry Server option on The Forge, you can select:

Latest Beta Version (0.8.8)
Latest Alpha Version (0.8.8) <— I assume not this one

The Forge always updates to the latest available “hotfix” version. So the 0.8.8 version is the “patch 1” version of the 0.8.8 release. It was made available at around the same time that it was released. We also keep an eye on any hotfix releases (which may or may not be announced like this patch release was), and keep them updated.
We’ll be bumping the 0.8.8 to the stable channel in a day or two, after we make sure it’s indeed stable and that no further hotfixes are released for it.

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