Moving character from my Forge account to another with Shared Compendium - items (spells, features) are blank

Hello. I built a version of a homebrew class with spells (actually Apothecary from Dungeon Dudes playtest). I built a character using these, and I used the shared compendium module to put all the features and spells as well as the actor into compendiums. I was able to load that module on my local install of Foundry and even used the Asset Sync to use local assets.

I then zipped the module folder and shared it with my friend who runs the game I’ll be playing this on, so he could import my character. Only when he imports things, the descriptions are blank. Names and icons are working but that’s it really.

I’ve attached an image that he shared showing what he gets from my compendium module.

I should add that he does NOT use The Forge to host.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I think I narrowed down the issue. DM is using Foundry v 9 and I’m on 10. IDK if there’s an easy way to make the module backwards compatible.

Good catch on the v9 vs v10.
Unfortunately, Foundry isn’t backward compatible with older versions and there was a change in how the data is stored between v9 and v10, so they won’t be able to access some of that stuff. There might be other differences apart from the description, and the version of the game system itself will also potentially affect things, so it’s better to have compatible core foundry and system between you two.
It’s generally easier to go to a higher version than the opposite (i.e: if you had made the content on v9, then it likely would have worked on v10, though it would have converted it to the v10 format and it wouldn’t work again if you went back to v9).
I think the only solution would be to tell your friend to try upgrading to v10 to take advantage of your homebrew content.

I hope that helps!