Mouse interactions not registering

Foundry v0.7.9. Logged in to run game this evening and while it loaded correctly, the vast majority of mouse interactions aren’t working making the service completely unusable.

I am able to:

  • select left sidebar categories and options.
  • navigate between scenes, preload, and enter configuration.
  • interact with left bar tabs and open popouts like journals and such, and can type in journals and generate rolls and such.

I am not able to:

  • interact in the screen area such as click or select tokens, draw selection boxes, lights, walls, etc. The tokens highlight when click but it doesn’t select or bring up their entries or information bar.
  • pan the screen in any way, only zoom in and out.
  • operate sliders in any of the options including the playlist sound and options menu.

I have attempted to run in both Firefox and Chrome with the latest updates, hardware acceleration and Webgl set correctly, with no modules active, and in multiple worlds and systems.

Have you opened the Dev Console (press F12) and clicked the “Console” tab to check for errors?

In addition, WebGL being enabled doesn’t mean it’s running properly, check this in chrome: chrome://gpu

Chrome://gpu info shows it running properly and detecting the right card on 1 and 2 for both chrome and firefox.

I get a single loading error on every page, but nothing when attempting to interact.
https://[world-name][object%20Object] HTTP/2 404 not found

Checked on my laptop and it works normally there, but that can’t handle my game running from it.

That sure sounds like something wrong with your PC.

Was something changed in the last two days that would invalidate certain setups? It worked fine Tuesday evening and it hasn’t been touched since.

No, and there’s nothing that would be changed that would do that on The Forge. There have been FoundryVTT things that have required newer Chrome versions (like Chrome 80 I think is a minimum).

running version 88 official on chrome so thats not it.

Right, wasn’t suggesting that as likely here, since you’ve tested both Chrome/Firefox, just as an example of something that COULD affect, but nothing like that has changed. In addition, the test of the Laptop working narrows it down pretty strictly to your (I assume) Desktop. I don’t have very many good guesses left here, besides something wrong with maybe your mouse? Browser extensions? Anti-virus? Something is preventing you, and everything points to it being your system.

I don’t know what it was, but a full system shut down and restart fixed whatever issue was going on. Thanks for your input though.