[Mothership][free-to-play][one-shot] The Haunting of Ypsilon 14

The Haunting of Ypsilon 14

:crossed_swords: Game System: Mothership

:calendar: When do you play:
Ideally 2023-10-24T17:00:00Z2023-10-24T21:00:00Z
If nescessary we’ll delay or continue the week after.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
This is gritty, ugly sci-fi horror. Survival is possible, but far from guaranteed.

The tiny remote mining outpost Ypsilon 14 is overdue for a supply run. While such form of neglect isn’t too uncommon for unlucrative outposts like these, Big Corporate has descided to show generosity. For a much higher price then shipping supplies themselves, they hired a bunch of freelancers (you) to perform that supply run post haste. You even have a couple days to spare on your way. Lucky you!

I’m trying out mothership for size and and you’re welcome to join the ranks. There won’t be a session 0, we’ll jump right into the game. I usually run 3.5 to 4 hour sessions, maybe we’ll finish this in one session, otherwise we’ll continue the week after. No need to rush.

:memo: Aditional Details:
Voice Chat will be Discord. We use only audio, no video. So you’ll be needing a mic. See to it that you’re audio quality is decent and there are no background noises.
No further prep is needed, the system will be introduced an explained during the session.

We’ll be having a small chat and see how we get along. Message me your Discord Info and we’ll talk.

:exclamation: Warning:
I do take horror seriously, so this is not going to be a fun, spooky ride with rubber forehead aliens. If you have a problem with anything related to horror, this game is not for you. I mean it!
This game is 18+, no discussion.

sent pm to you on here

Called off due to lack of interest.

Ok that explains why