Monster Hunting Guild (Homebrew campaign) 18+ | LGBT friendly | new PF2e players welcome | Online | PFP | CST

Looking for individual players to form a group OR a group of players who need a GM

[Time]: Thursdays at 4pm CST
[Platform]: Foundry/Discord for voice & out of game communications
[Requirements]: Mic, Browser, willingness to work with the party
[Cost]: $17 each player per session via PayPal | Free session 0 and session 1
[Game duration] 3 hours
[Languages] American English

I’m tired of playing modules where your character backstory and your actions end up mattering very little.

Monster Hunting Guild is a fully customized campaign based fully on the players’ backstories. There is a roadmap and a homebrew world to fully effect but how you navigate it impacts and changes the story and the world where it takes place.

In the valley, there lies a series of apple farms that have lasted for generations of farmers, and a town nearby that thrives from fruit. Each farm’s patriarch has become a council member for the folk that live in the valley, and decide what to use the town’s funds on. Recently they’ve hired the mercenary band you belong to, The Champions of the Immortal Ring, to deal with a rat infestiation that is plaguing the farms. If the rats aren’t dealt with and the source of these rats not found, the farms will have to close and the whole valley could suffer.
You are all new recruits to The Champions of the Immortal Ring (CIR), one of the largest mercenary companies this side of the empire. All Common and Uncommon species, all general backgrounds and all classes are allowed, as the CIR tends to hire on pretty much anyone that can swing a sword or cast a spell. This first adventure will be where the party forms, but you can obviously choose to know each other from before if you so choose.

My screen name is kiermatv (he/him), and I’ve been running ttrpgs for 16 years old and playing them since I was 9. I’m a huge fan of the type of storytelling these sort of games can bring and the fun that can be had from it. I much prefer to run custom content over modules since it leads to what I think are more worthwhile stories that are more engaging to the players. I like to run things 60/40 roleplay/combat, since while its nice to hit a goblin with your plus +3 striking stick, doing it all the time could get boring. I also like putting in various puzzles to try and liven things up a little.
I want to make this game easily accessable to new players, including people that have come over from DnD 5e, but all are welcome.
If you are interested in the game, please send me a PM!
If you already have a group of friends to play with: If there’s a time that would work better for your group (still during Thursdays) let me know