Modules that slow down the Server/Game

Just wondering if anyone had a list of what, if any, modules have a detrimental effect on low end pc’s and/or Server speed. My group do not have the latest kit, and internet in the UK is hit or miss.
I understand removing/lowering animation effects and shadows, and framerates etc, that’s all been done. But specifically Modules that eat a lot of CPU/GPU and or Server speed.
Thanks in advance

A small list of things to take care of if you have lag/issues:
Fx Master.
Token Magic.
Too big maps.
Too many walls.

To counter it, I would recommend just splitting up maps into different scenes, and obviously, take down most FX tokens/maps. Animated maps, tokens, or lights is probably a no-go :smiley:

Make sure to take down as many walls as possible (if you have a lot) as it improves movement.
You know hexagon/squares/triangles instead of circles.

Other modules I am a bit unsure about as I imagine you aren’t encountering huge lags for everyone at all times, and those modules are usually cleared from Foundry.

That is my recommendation at least ^^ Hope it helps a little bit.

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