Module update logs?

I pretty much keep my modules updated. A few days (maybe as much as a week) ago I noticed a small issue with my Pathfinder 1 games. I am sure it is an update to a module as it is affecting multiple worlds. I was just wondering if there is a log of recent module updates that I can look at to see if I can figure out which one it is? There are other options, but this would be the most efficient.

Hey there :wave:
You could View Foundry Logs from The Forge which might show you the versions of the modules loaded with timestamps.

Alternatively, if you check the browser dev tools console (F12) in your world, you might see an error message when you hit the issue and the error message might mention the files involved. If you post a screenshot of that here, or otherwise see the name of one of your modules in the error message, that’s a good indicator of who the culprit might be.

Another way to test is to disable modules and re-enable them in groups until you hit the issue.

Hope that helps!