Module taking up way too much Data

I recently bought the PF2E Adventure “Smoking Gun”, the 3rd book in a 3-part series. and added it to the Forge. This has completely overloaded my Data allotment, clocking in at a whopping 330mb data usage for the module alone, leading to me exceeding my data.

Thing is, the 2nd book only takes 5mb of data. I can’t start my server right now or update anything, so not sure how to proceed. I guess the other module was instead installed as part of the data folder, or is linked on Forge (sorry if I don’t get the nomenclature right).

Hey there :wave:

Sorry you ran into this issue! I’m investigating it on our side at the moment, but this has been known to happen when optimization to the Assets Library fails and the media files remain on user data instead of the Assets Library, where the data quota is much higher.

The workaround fix at the moment is to uninstall the package that was not optimized and then to install it again. This restarts the optimization step and should result in an optimized package with only a few MB used rather than the 330MB.

Hope this helps! We’re changing the way we do things a bit to hopefully prevent cases like this in the future!

That helped, thank you so much!