Mods don't remain active

Hey everyone, I’ve been running into an issue where different mods say they are active however the features of the mods will not work or activate. Example: The 3D dice won’t roll even though Dice So Nice! is enabled. Or one or many of the tracks from a module won’t play. This issue is resolved by reloading but it’s rather obnoxious to have to keep reloading everytime a module feature refuses to work. I’m wondering if this is a Forge issue or a Foundry issue. This issue persists even if I’m a player in someone elses foundry with fewer Modules. I did consider if it was the amount of Modules causing the issue but this issue can be replicated in a game with less active modules.

When enabling a module from in-game it should reload the site for you.
This is Foundry side, and is normal behaviour I think. The weird part is that it doesn’t seem to automatically reload you.

Could you tell us about your process?