Modified system upload without defaulting to the Bazaar?

Hi all. I’ve made some homebrew changes to a system (OpenQuest SRD) and want to upload it to Forge. However, when I do so (using the upload wizard) the Forge defaults to the ‘base’ version and therefore won’t show my changes. I’ve only adapted the system.json, so if I can get the Forge to use my version, that’d solve my issues.

Any help gratefully received!

Hi there :wave:
When you do the import, untick the Install found packages from the Bazaar option, and it’ll import it as a custom package.

You can also lock the package by navigating to it and locking it in the Bazaar, to prevent it from automatically being updated to the Bazaar version when you next do an update all packages.

Please refer to How to upload a modified version of a module/system - Docs - The Forge if you get stuck!