Mobile Suit Gundam EW Online JRPG

Yo Riders

EW plunges you into the heart of the continent of Noctilia divided by war and the invasion of an extra-terrestrial force ELS control by a deity Technomagic

It’s up to you how to fight your enemies. in this Tactical RPG

Change the story as an adventurer in Battle Arcana mode and choose your class to fight on foot,evolve in a group and fight Dungeon Bosses to recover new equipment and defeat the other players in the colosseum ( PVP)
Become a Pilot at the Control of a Perfected Mobile Suit. fight in pvp solo or Group , create your Mobile Suit team and unravel political intrigues between player factions (RVR)
you can also totally do both.

This game is more like Arena Tabletop when several party that takes place daily in the world of the game depending on the number of connected players and their wishes. in the manner of a MMO .

the game has been active for 3 years with an international community, the general language is English, this is a personal game system (Mix Fire emblem>Combo builder Game) that we try to improve with regular updates.
we also have a discord and a twitch for tournament events.

if you are interested contact me =) see you soon !