Missing Assets - Any help please?

I was trying to make some space for a new campaign I’m going to run and I guess I deleted a file I needed. I tried adding it back but still having the same error. I couldn’t figure out in foundry where this asset was or how to remove it from Foundry and now I can’t install the world.

I’m not sure why you’re failing to import the world, do you see any error somewhere else perhaps?
Regardless, the “missing assets” is informational only, not an error, it’s only there to let you know that the world is referencing some assets which it won’t find, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with why it failed to import it.

As for your screenshot of the assets library, I can see the file in the folder fa/tokens but the world is referencing a file in assets/fa/tokens so I’d say if you create a new assets folder in your assets library and move the fa folder into it, it should be able to find it.

Thanks :slight_smile: I did eventually get it working…