May have to move from forge due to financial circumstances. Exporting and importing worlds is a bit confusing for me

I’ve exported my worlds and downloaded the zip, but how would I go about importing that via manifest url into a new vps?

Hey @pupperoo,
Sorry to see you go.

The exported zip is your world data. You don’t import it via the manifest URL, that’s reserved for distributable worlds and involves creating a manifest that links to the zip which would need to be stored online.
To “import” your world into your VPS, simply unzip its content into the worlds directory of your Foundry User Data folder on the VPS machine itself. Reload foundry and it should be there.

I hope that helps,

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Thanks a lot. Honestly The Forge makes life so much easier so I’ll be back once I’m back in work again, I can’t recommend it enough, especially for the code illiterate like myself.

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Some issues you may have IN THE FUTURE.

The assets will remain on the forge for now, but they would be usable from where ever you go for now. Once the assets become exportable, you will receive an email at some point, warning you that they will be deleted (if you’re not a subscriber anymore) and you will be able to export them.

However, you would most likely have to change the file locations manually, if you’ve already been using your world elsewhere and still linking to the forge assets.

This would not be an issue if you had, at that point, kept using the forge, because the file paths would have been automatically changed.

That’s the only annoying part about the current situation I think, otherwise everything should be fine.

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My plan is for the forge module to have a “make available offline” option which would download and change all the file paths accordingly.
Gotta stay with the ease of use all the way through :slight_smile:

Alarich is right, until I find the time/priority to add a system for auto deletion of people’s assets (with email reminders and a way for them to auto-download and convert their worlds to use local files instead of the assets library), your exported world will be using the assets library, which of course will give you the benefit of the worldwide network of servers giving you fast access to the files. So enjoy it while it’s still available :slight_smile:

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Well, yes, and I covered that offline part. But if they export now and use their world elsewhere, they’ll still have to manually change the links.
I guess unless they import and export again, it might even work.

Anyway, that’s a problem for future pupperoo. :smiley:

The Forge module is available publicly and installable through the foundry module install. They could later install that module and use the ‘make offline’ option (when it becomes available), it wouldn’t be something that is done during the export, but rather from within foundry itself through the module, so they wouldn’t have to manually change links.
But yes, it’s a future thing to handle, and no need to speculate for now.

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Thanks for all of the replies! I’m having a little bit of trouble with the zip after I download it onto my vps using wget, in that it doesn’t seem to recognise it as a zip file
Zip issue

Is it possible there was an issue in the upload process?
Can you open the file locally to determine if it’s corrupted perhaps?

I’ve exported many a times and it’s always been legit.

Yeah I get that error I sent before, and if I try with ‘7z e (Filename)’ it comes back with ‘errors - is not archive’.

(Exported it twice and uploaded via gofile and mega, and attempted unzip with unzip and 7z. I’m using wget to grab the zip)

Is it possible when you’re using wget to download the file from gofile and mega, it’s downloading the html page for the download, instead of the file itself?

Just upload the zip file to the forge asset library and use that. Or find another method for uploading to your server.