Maximum Asset upload size?

Just wondering what the max size for upload of a mp3 is?

I used a converter on a Youttube video and it ended up being 400mb (2.5 hour ambience @256k)

So yeah, is it 100mb? 10 mb? What? :slight_smile:

Depends on what tier you’re subscribed at:

Depends on your tier. See for more info. At the highest tier, 250MB is the limit.

Note that you can see your current upload size limit (based on your plan) in your My Account page under quotas.
You can also now increase the maximum asset upload size by adding extras to your subscription, should you wish it.

Ah I’m at GM…50 mb is fine for 90% of assets (esp png maps), but audio…need another solution then…no way to stream youtube, soundcload within fvtt via Forge right? A module maybe?

You could try

It’s not very advanced and has many issues, but overall works. DO NOT use too many youtube videos, it will not be a good day for you.