Map doesn't load for 4/5 players pf2e

i’m playing the beginner box menace under otari and only one of players and myself as gm could see the 2nd floor map they could still see just fine on other maps. I bought the import thing from paizo so i basically have the module for it. it just wasn’t loading the image for them. I tried disabling all my modules and updating everything and still nothing worked. players were using a mixture of chrome and firefox. I’m also hosting the game on forge not locally. all the tokens have vision.

Hey there,

Hmm, this could be related to some kind of browser error for those specific players if it loads for some, but not others. Perhaps something related to GPU max texture size.

I’d recommend asking the players who are encountering it to make sure that they have Hardware Acceleration turned on, and to open their dev tools consoles (F12) and refresh the page to see if there is a specific error being logged there that can help us understand what is going on. If there is, please provide a screenshot of the error, and we may be able to help figure out what is going on in this unusual case