Mad Cartographer module using game data

Hey guys I’m brand new to foundry and the forge and I having an issue whereby when I install a module created by Mad Cartographer and others that fountain battle ready battle maps with walls and sounds already included, it’s taking up game data and not asset data. Can you please explain what I’m doing wrong?

I am using the Bazzar as was suggested to me by the community on Patreon.

Please help.

The module you installed is not in the Bazaar itself, so it’s considered a “custom module” which is why it’s taking up your Game Data.
What you can do however is to download it as a zip file (you can do so from and click the ‘export compendium’ button) then import back into The Forge the module using the Import Wizard, as that would then split the content so the assets from the module go to your assets library.

I tried this on 14 map modules in my collection, and 5 of them uploaded successfully; the remaining 9 failed:

These 9 are the free ones like Mad Cartographer Free Battlemap Pack and Mik & Wewa’s Free Map Bundle.

This method works for 5 of the packs that I bought outside of Foundry. How do I make this work for the remaining 9?

The only MAD free pack I see is the one here :
and I didn’t have an issue installing it.
The error states the json data in the module.json is invalid, which I assume is what the problem is. Do they even work in your local Foundry?

I haven’t touched my local Foundry app since I’ve been using it here on Forge, so I don’t know. But looks like I wasn’t clear with my issue. I followed your instructions above from 20 days ago to use Forge’s Export Compendium Files to move maps and such from Game Data to Assets Library. Downloading what I want to move from Game Data was easy enough. But only 5 of the 14 Zipped files succeeded in their transfer to my Assets Library. The remaining 9 failed, exhibiting those errors regarding JSON.

Seems to me that the failure to upload to Assets Library is because those 9 Zip files don’t have asset and map files to copy. So, if Export Compendium Modules doesn’t gather assets and maps from Game Data, and Assets Library doesn’t accept module.json manifests, then how would I upload those modules? Or—as they are Foundry Exclusive Content—must those 9 modules stay in Game Data?

Easiest way to fix this, install those modules on your LOCAL FoundryVTT, to make sure you get everything locally. Then use Summon Import Wizard to import them.

Thanks @aeristoka! That worked perfectly. A little tedious, but got the job done.