Macro Question - Update Inventory

I’m trying to streamline my character and wondering if there is a macro command that can reduce items in my inventory so I don’t have to go into D&D Beyond or into another area to update. Example being a command that can reduce my arrow quantity by one every time I run the command.

Thank you.

// The Name Of the Actor to affect
let thePlayer = game.actors.find(a => === "Ro");
//The Name of the Item you want to remove one from
let theItem = thePlayer.items.find(i => === "Arrows");
//The Current Quantity of the Item
let itemQuantity =;
// The  Amount you want to remove from the Item.
let theNumber = itemQuantity - 1;

theItem.update( {data: {quantity:theNumber}})

Should help you on your way ^^
This is probably not the way to do it though, but I couldn’t find any “consume” function ;p